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House Update

Just a wee house update....

Some of you many have seen in our last email that we had asked the Lord to sort this house for us in three days. Given that we started praying in earnest on Wednesday of last week (and also given that we weren't likely to hear on the weekend), we really expected a call today. It didn't come. After chatting with the same friend who encouraged us to ask God if we were to contend for the house, she asked if the three days was Jesus or me (Karyn). I was able to say that it was definitely me. She wisely encouraged me to keep contending, and I am asking the same of all of you. Please keep praying - praying for this house to be ours, praying that if there is anything in the spiritual realm that is holding back this blessing of God, that it would be conquered. Please pray that the current potential buyers would be blessed and released from this house. We do still feel that God has called us to contend for this property. I apologize (and have repented) for my request of the Lord to see this happen in three days. Please - keep praying with us. Thank-you! And God's richest blessing on you as you pray. Karyn and Daniel

For anyone who missed the original email to which this letter refers, you can view that letter HERE.

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