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Karyn and Dan Sunderland
Daniel and Karyn Sunderland


It is the promise of Jesus' healing and refreshing for His people.

It is the promise of an abundant life, not just an adequate or even a manageable life.

It is the promise of intimacy with God through His promise - our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is the promise of Sabbath rest and refuge in times of trouble or hardship - a kadesh (place of refreshing) in the wilderness.

It is a personal promise for you as guests in our home.  It is a national promise of restoration for Scotland.  It is a global promise for all mankind, that they would have the opportunity to be redeemed and whole through the powerful work of God.

Put simply - it is JESUS.

God has placed upon our hearts a ministry in Scotland, and specifically a ministry to Christian leaders.  We desire to offer leaders a place of rest and restoration with ministry tailored to each person or couple that stays with us, and we are calling this ministry The Scottish Promise.  We invite you to peruse this website for more information about The Scottish Promise and how you can be a retreat guest, or how to partner with us in this ministry.  We welcome any question you might have for us.  

Beannachd Dia dhuit  (The blessings of God be with you),

Karyn and Daniel Sunderland



The vision God has given us is to open our home in Scotland to be used as a place of retreat for Christian leaders.  Calling the retreat The Scottish Promise, we aim to have our home be a place of peacefulness, refuge and rest, where Christian leaders and ministry workers can retreat to find restoration for body, mind and spirit. Rather than run a ‘facility,’ we have felt it important to have this retreat centre be our home, where we can treat people as our valued guests. Everyone who comes to stay is offered ministry – be it prayer ministry or some other form of restorative or healing ministry – and this ministry is tailored to each individual or couple.  Throughout a week's retreat, there is also be a great deal of unscheduled time for guests to simply rest and ‘be.’  


What we hope to address with The Scottish Promise is the phenomenon of Christian leaders whose service is shorter-lived than it was ever meant to be – pastors, evangelists, social services workers, worship leaders, youth pastors – anyone working for the Kingdom, whether full- or part-time, paid or voluntary.  Too often we see people work very hard to further God’s Kingdom and manifest it in our world, but their ministry is briefer than it was intended to be, because of a lack of personal refreshing, restoration and even healing along the way.  We lose too many leaders to burnout, disillusionment, wounds and exhaustion. Just as Aaron and Hur brought Moses a stone upon which to sit and held up his arms when he got tired (Exodus 17), we want to come alongside Christian leaders and metaphorically offer them a seat and hold up their arms, so that their ministry on the front lines of the Kingdom may continue, and may continue in a healthy, powerful way.​


A Scottish Promise retreat is a week away for you or for you and your spouse to reconnect with God personally. It is a time for rest and restoration.  Its focus is on physical rest and spiritual renewal.  For some this will mean healing; for others, it will mean a rekindling of the passion that once fuelled your ministry.  Whatever the reason you are considering a retreat, our aim is to have our home and ourselves be a safe place for you while you connect with Jesus.  


More retreat information can be found HERE.

Do you feel like a Scottish Promise retreat is just what you need?  Contact us HERE to arrange a week with us.

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The Sunderlands
The Vision
The Reason

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset.  (Exodus 17:12)

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Our aim is to have The Scottish Promise be known as a place of refuge and rest, where Christian leaders can retreat to find restoration for body, mind and spirit through individualized God-led ministry in a comfortable, peaceful environment.

Loch Lomond.jpg
Loch Lomond
Stirling Castle, Stirling

Our Mission

The Scottish Promise will exist to offer a place of rest, refreshment and restoration to ministers and ministry workers in the Kingdom of God, regardless of denomination or position, so that they themselves are able to minister to others from a place of fullness, wholeness and intimacy with the Father, knowing that they are loved and valued by both God and His church. 

Our Values

We desire to have all The Scottish Promise's dealings with both the church and the local community be governed by love and service, and to have this ministry driven by prayer, worship, the Word of God and the prophetic voice of God.  We value ‘being’ over ‘doing’, and the importance of intimacy with the Father as the root of all our work for the Father’s Kingdom.

Iona Abbey.jpg
Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona

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