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A week's retreat can look very different from one person to the next.  We don't offer a 'cookie-cutter' schedule and hope that it will be restorative to everyone.  There will be, however, similarities from retreat to retreat. These will include shared meals, times to chat or pray, and space to rest.  What happens throughout the rest of the week is very much dependent on what types of things you like to do, and what things you find refreshing and restorative for your spirit.  Our local amenities include beautiful nature walks, a tour through historic Huntly Castle, a round of golf or a drive to the seaside.   ​

A typical day on a Scottish Promise retreat will begin with a lie-in, followed by a self-catered breakfast in your own time. Lunch is also a casual meal, either eaten in the house or taken with you on an adventure. Dinners are usually shared with us as your hosts.  Dietary restrictions and preferences will, of course, be accommodated. The rest of the day can be spent in whatever way you find refreshing.  If we can assist with ideas or transportation, we are happy to do that.  

The goal of a Scottish Promise retreat is restoration.  For some, this will be accomplished by not having much of a schedule at all and simply resting.  For others, engaging in an activity that is personally enjoyable can be refreshing, especially if one does not normally have the time in which to do this.  With that in mind, we have some options for our guests that include a well-stocked library, a music room, art and craft supplies, gardening, cycling, and in the works: a workshop.  We also have a small weight room.

Our home is located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, about one hour's drive west of Aberdeen along the A96. Huntly is a small, picturesque town of about 4500 people, with two rivers and lovely scenery.  There is Huntly Castle and grounds which can be toured and there are shops in which to browse along the high street and in the market square.  Huntly has a golf course and a bowls club for those wishing to pass some time this way. Home of the Gordon Highlanders, our little town is steeped in history, which can be read about in the local library or even the books in our house.  Or visit the Falconry Centre for an incredible show. Leith Hall and Gardens are nearby, and it is only a 30-minute drive to visit the coastal towns and villages. Or enjoy an evening out at The Bank Restaurant. The biggest attraction to Huntly, however, is its tranquility. Sitting in our garden with a good book or taking a walk along the riverbank are lovely ways to pass a peaceful afternoon.




We have two spacious guest rooms on our upper floor, though generally only one individual or couple at a time will be on retreat. There is a bathroom just outside of the guest rooms that will be for your personal use, which includes a bathtub and walk-in shower.  Also on the guest rooms floor is a pantry where coffee, tea, toast and other snacks are available, should you wish to take a cuppa back to bed with you in the morning or have a late-night snack. The rest of the house is shared space with us, your hosts, but each room has at least one little spot to tuck yourself away in if you'd like time alone.  






The cost of a week's retreat* for a couple (leader + spouse) is £800.00

The cost of a week's retreat*  for a single person is £650.00

The cost for each retreat covers food and accommodations, and is about the same as the average cost of a week's accommodation in this part of Scotland.  (Any costs for sight-seeing or activities will be at your own expense.)  

* A week's retreat is usually scheduled from Monday to Friday, but we are happy to do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.  Simply contact us with your request and we'll see what we can do.


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