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Any ministry of the Church is not just about one or two people.  It is about a community, following God with passion and commitment.  Our call to open a retreat centre in Scotland called The Scottish Promise is no different.  We need people to partner with us.  We believe that this is the way God designed His Church - to work together, so that no one person can boast, but all glory goes straight to the Father Himself.  

Our needs are split into two main categories: PRAYER and FINANCES.


Prayer support as we undertake this commission from God is paramount.  We know that without the faithful prayers of faithful people backing us, there is much that can go wrong.  If you are willing, we desire to have people praying into these areas:​


For favour as we network
For God to create a way
For overall success

For God to provide what we need
For a house for The Scottish Promise
For ongoing provision
For spiritual protection for us
For the preparation of the people who will be our guests
(More financial goals are outlined below.)
If you would like to commit to regularly praying for The Scottish Promise and for us, the Sunderlands, please consider signing up to receive our monthly email updates.  You can sign up HERE.

There is a running joke in our world today that Canadians are amongst some of the most polite people in the world.  It's true that both of us Sunderlands have apologized to lamp posts and chairs after bumping into them, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Overall as a nation we tend to say sorry as easily as breathing, and politeness is something in which we take national pride.  And polite people?  Polite people do not ask for money.


But I think passionate people do.  


People who are passionate enough about something and believe in it enough can overcome their innate shyness of asking other people to partner financially with them.  People who have caught a vision for something that they truly believe will make a difference in our world will readily ask others to help turn that vision a reality.  


All of these things describe us well.  We do believe in this vision enough to boldly ask people to partner in it by giving financially.  We do believe that the Lord has given us a vision for something that will have a great impact on His Church and, therefore, in this world.  We believe that what God has called us to will fill a need in this day and age, with the ultimate result being that we lose fewer church leaders to wounds, disillusionment and other ministry-killing phenomena that occur every day.  We are being bold, and asking people to 'dig deep' to help us make this vision - this call from God - a reality.  We can't do it without your help.  No donation is too small or too large.  

And because we are Canadians, we can promise you will always receive a most polite and utterly sincere thank-you.

Specific Financial Goals

We understand that most people will not readily throw a large chunk of change at a project without knowing what their money will be going towards.  Below outlines some of the areas we have to date recognized as needing funds to get The Scottish Promise started. Once overseas, we will also be looking for people willing to support us on an ongoing basis.  (Funds are listed in Canadian Dollars.)

$6,000/mo. *
Like to give to something specific?
Here are some options:
Will pay for realtor fees
Will buy a one-way plane
ticket for one person
Will pay for one visa application
Will pay for 100 cubic feet of
a shipping container
Will buy a reliable
used car
Will pay for furniture for
guest rooms
$2,000 *
Will pay for one couple to
attend a week-long retreat
$1,500 *
Will pay one month's salary
for one person 
Will pay for one year of
car insurance
Will pay for replacement electrical items (with UK plugs)
Will pay for one year
of website hosting
Will pay for mobile phone
usage for one month
* These costs are approximate and may be adjusted once retreats are running.
We know this is an ambitious project.  Every dollar ($) or pound (£) donated and every monthly financial support commitment is appreciated and makes a difference.  Thank-you for giving.

Let's Do This Together

Here are some ways you can donate:


By Mail

The Scottish Promise

12 - 15068 58 Avenue

Surrey, BC, Canada

V3S 9J9

Cheques may be made payable to Daniel or Karyn Sunderland, noting in the memo line that the donation is for The Scottish Promise.  We apologize, but charitable donation receipts are not available at this time.


By E-Transfer


By PayPal

We apologize, but charitable donation receipts are not available at this time.


UK Giving

Bank Transfer

(Please contact us for a sort code and account number to donate directly to our UK bank.)

We apologize, but charitable donation receipts are not available at this time.

Monthly Email Updates
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