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A Crazy, Busy Summer

It's a little hard to believe that a couple whose goal it is to offer people rest and refreshment have been running around like madmen for the latter half the summer. And yet, it's true. It has been an incredibly busy July/August, and we will be more careful in future to moderate our activities.

For all that, it's been a fun summer! Our church has been running revival/outreach weeks (called Revive Scotland) in 6 locations across Scotland this summer: Kirriemuir, Livingston, Belshill, Elderslie, Kirkcaldy and Moodiesburn. I (Karyn) had the privilege of playing in the worship band for the last three locations. That meant that every second weekend Daniel and I would load up the car and head off to join the team for the weekend outdoor meetings. I am thrilled to be able to report that over 500 people made commitments to Jesus this summer in Scotland! And are now plugged into their

local churches for follow-up and discipleship.

Churches in each of the locations also report a huge increase in unity amongst the local fellowships, since Revive Scotland has been all about using local people and creating something that can easily be carried on by local believers. It's been wonderful to be a part of Revive and it has offered Daniel and I a great opportunity to meet leaders from all over Scotland, many of whom may want to come on a Scottish Promise retreat one day.

One of the connections I made in Elderslie was with the worship coordinator for the Global Prophetic Alliance (formerly Glasgow Prophetic Centre), who invited me to join her and her team in playing one of the days at Refuel, a large outdoor Christian festival held in the Highlands. The Revive band was also asked to play - it was a full day! It's been mostly violin playing for me this summer, which has been such a joy. (I've also recently joined a string quartet, so the playing has been much and varied!)

I wish I could say for all this outdoor playing we have had glorious weather, but sadly, June seems to have been our lot so far this summer. We've had a generous (and I mean generous) amount of rain! So most of our gigs have been either rainy or cold and windy (or both). The weather has finally perked up this week, but in a terrible twist of fate, Daniel and I both came down with Covid this week, so the nice weather has been rather wasted on us. Thankfully Daniel's symptoms have been mild. Mine were more severe, but we seem to both be on the mend now.

As far as Scottish Promise news, we continue to work on the renos in the house that need to get done - adding a coffee/tea/snack station upstairs (nearly complete!) and putting in a guest bathroom (not yet started). The website is also undergoing major updating now that we are settled in Scotland and not 'on our way to Scotland.'

In just a month I will be back in Vancouver for a flying family visit. There won't be time for lots of running around and visiting, but if you're in the neighbourhood of Horizon Church in Surrey, that's where I'll be on the Sunday mornings. You are most welcome to come and say hi! Daniel will remain in Scotland for this trip, joining me next time.

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