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It's GO Time!

It feels very strange to write this, as it was over two years ago that we heard God initially say, "Go!" We have not been disobedient by waiting, nor has the time been wasted. But it's now time to take the plunge and head overseas.

Daniel and I are loosely planning to sell our house and start the moving process in June of this year, give or take a little depending on when I'm able to wrap up my business of restoring antique furniture. This feels both incredibly exciting and absolutely terrifying! We have already begun getting our house ready to sell (how are there so many small jobs that need to be done?!) and are praying into the logistical 'how' and the timeline of moving so far away.

We still need and desire your support! Especially in the area of wisdom for the myriad of details, and also for financial provision. The Lord gave me this word through a friend last night, which was so incredibly timely for right now:

I saw a bridge. A bridge made of stone in a valley. All around are mountains – and mist. I can see the beginning of the bridge and part way across, but I couldn’t see the other side. It was obscured in mist, but the bridge was made of stone. It was a solid, firm bridge. The bridge is a way across. It’s a new beginning. God knows what’s on the other side. Trust Him as you head out onto the bridge.

The giver of this word knew almost nothing of our plans for Scotland and the stress that we have felt just in the last few weeks as we sort out details for the move itself. What an incredible God we serve! He knew that I, especially, needed to be reminded of His utter faithfulness and how solid and firm He and His plans for us are.

So for now, we continue to trust as we forge ahead with preparations for getting our boots on the ground in Scotland. I truly do believe that where we do not yet understand how we are going to do certain things, God knows, and will reveal things in their proper time.

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