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The House is Sold!

Last week the subjects (conditions of sale) were removed from our contract of sale, and our house is officially sold! Praise God! That happened at 5:30pm on Tuesday March 31st. Thus far we had not received our visas and were signing away our home believing (sometimes more easily than other times) that God had called us and He would make sure we had the paperwork needed in time. Then, in a surprising twist of fate, at 9:00am the very next morning, Daniel had an accident at work and is now in a cast, on crutches, awaiting possible surgery for a torn Achilles' tendon. This comes with an estimated four- to six-month recovery time frame. We had planned to leave in less than two. And as of mere hours before, we had given up the option to stay in our house longer. We have to be out by July 25th. If there was ever a time for faith!! We have no idea what will happen. Thankfully, we have family and many friends in Vancouver, and might just be couch-surfing until we know what's happening. Daniel sees a surgeon in two weeks' time and we should have more information after that visit.

Another Answer to Prayer!

One thing that came in a couple of days ago was Daniel's visa! His passport was returned in the mail and the visa in in it! This is also a great answer to prayer. No word yet on mine, except that I had a letter just before the house sale saying that my application was not straightforward and was going to take longer. We find this odd since I have actually held one of these visas before, but hopefully it's more of a formality than anything else and we'll have that one in time also.

Currently the visas are given for three months, which is intended for us to get to the UK and do the final steps for our five-year visas. Again, we are praying that with Daniel's injury this all goes well without a lot [more] hiccups.


  • That Daniel's injury is healed speedily and well, in the right time for us to get overseas

  • That my (Karyn's) visa will be approved and arrive in a timely manner

  • For a Spirit-infused ability to cope with all the stress and changes that are happening


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